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Gossip Part 2 from "The Gossip Columnist"




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 In the former chapter I started writing or "rewriting gossip" that had been published in the Hollywood Star newspaper and Hollywood "Confidential" Star magazine, which I also published.

This is intended for mature adults and is rated "R" for expletives


One of Colonel Tom Parker's ex-promotional men, is now managing RICK NELSON and he feels Rick "shouldn't be in our paper." Well, at least this paper is being read and not lying on a shelf gathering dust, like Rick's career. Rick needs adult exposure to get rid of the Rick(y) mold. After all he is nearing forty. I mentioned to his new agent that Rick should do a nude for us, and he just laughed. (Was he laughing because Rick has a small cock?) I'm tired of hearing Rick sing, "I'm Walking." He should do more movies. "RIO BRAVO" was great and he is sexy. (Rick died in a plane crash a few days before the owner of the Palomino Club was going to introduce him to me.) I had received an autograph photo of him, for me and my sister, when I worked as secretary for NICK ADAMS.

JIM BACON, a former columnist, may have been ass kissing with his review of "THE HERETIC," aka "OMEN II," in which he said it was scary. Maybe he was "on something?" Well, he did shed over fifty pounds on a liquid protein diet. I should talk. I'm almost as fat as BILL ROYCE, who used to write Rona Barrett's column in magazines using her name on them. (Dakota: Royce was an associate producer on the Jay Leno Show).

LIZ TAYLOR's ex-HENRY WYNBERG, a former car salesman, pled guilty to drugging and raping a sixteen year old girl. (Great shades of Polanski), and was sentenced to another sixty days in jail. Another example of our judicial system that needs over hauling. SIXTY DAYS FOR RAPE!

Did you read the item about Canada's film producer, RICHARD WAYNE MORRISON, being arrested for possessing a pound of cocaine and $43,000 in cash, after being stopped for a traffic violation?

Remember the now defunct PARIS ARTS THEATER in Hollywood? They featured male porno films and it was owned by former songstress, KATHRYN GRAYSON and her son. Kathryn was big during the 40's and 50s. PAUL NEWMAN, had a club there later.

Famed Canadian female impersonator, CRAIG RUSSELL, having a drinking problem and by accident, burned down his New York apartment, was flown back to Toronto to dry out. He raised such a commotion at the Canadian airport, over his excess baggage, the airlines refused to let him travel on their airlines. Craig screamed at them and said his film, "OUTRAGEOUS," was making Canada famous. (Craig died of AIDS). I saw Craig, at the beginning of his career in Studio City and he was quite talented.

MARK GERBER, publicist for JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT, says Jan will not do a nude centerfold for PLAYGIRL magazine, as their photo editor told me he would do. Jan is scheduled for a cover of that mag. The over exposed nude from "BUSTER AND BILLIE," was enough said Mark. I superimposed a cock over Jan's nude photo since his was so short. The studio publicist had given me a film frame from the nude scene in"Buster," and we did a full page. (OK Enquirer, we, or I should say I, doctored a photo too, like you are notorious for doing). But Jan is quite adequate with a hard on, so we've been told.

FREDDIE PRINZE was arrested on a drug charge but it turned out he had taken prescription tranquilizers, (yeh, tell me another one). When Freddie went to the Chinese Theater to see "THE MARATHON MAN, theater manager, Elmer Haines, put him in a special private section in the small balcony because fans wouldn't leave him alone. When LAURENCE OLIVIER went there to see "STAR WARS," he too was let in the side door and sat in the private section.

Those nude porno celebrity photos, owned by RICHARD ZANUCK, weren't stolen from his home. He still has them, so I was told. (Well, they aren't with him now because he is six feet under at the cemetery where Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Wood are buried.) A few other celebrities there, are JIM BACKUS, DEAN MARTIN, MEL TORME, BURT LANCASTER, AVA GABOR, TRUMAN CAPOTE, DOROTHY STRATTEN, and many more. Westwood Memorial Park cemetery.

MAE WEST is into feces, as we printed a few years ago in the Hollywood Star. She likes to put shit of her face! It's her secret "fountain of youth." This was told to VICTOR BUGLIOSI, the brother of prosecutor VINCENT BUGLIOSI, (the Manson prosecutor), by a bodybuilder who used to be in Mae West's act in Las Vegas.

ART CARNEY, whose doing a play in New York, "Going In Style," was mugged.

The movie "HURRICANE," (the remake) should be called "Gone with the Wind," because that is how long it lasted in theaters.

I overheard someone say JAMES BACON's book should be titled, HOLLYWOOD EX-LAX because he is so full of shit. (But, I met him a few times and he is a nice guy).

Can you believe GEORGE MAHARIS made it through three years without having a homosexual bust? (George Michaels is now trying to beat that record-smile),

A caller informs us that MARIO PUZO, author of "THE GODFATHER," allegedly had his nose broken by FRANK SINATRA, after the film was made but it was never made public. Is this true? (Frank wanted to break my nose too. It's in this book).

A spokesperson for BARBRA STREISAND says she didn't make any porno film and that the one being sold in a Los Angeles bookstore is a rip off. The boxed film, being sold at Dave's Bookstore in downtown L.A. on Main Street, is titled BARBRA STREISAND IN HARDCORE. The gal in the film resembles Barbra but it's too grainy to tell for sure.

CHUCK (THE RIFLEMAN) CONNORS admits that it is him in the male porno film being sold in the same store.

DORIS DAY was seen peddling her ass in Beverly Hills. Yes, she was on her bike!

MARTY FELDMAN, (the guy with the goldfish eyes), had an interesting experience with a burglar. He and his wife arrived home and found that their home had been burglarized. They soon learned that the burglar had helped herself to their bar. It was a girl who had passed out after drinking a bottle of booze. When she awakened she told Marty a long sad story. Marty informed the girl that he had already phoned the police and there was nothing he could do to help her. But, after the girl was arrested, Marty hired an attorney to defend her. (Marty is now gone too).

SYLVESTER STALLONE's, gay porno film, made prior to the "Rocky" success, has played L.A. and has been sold to overseas markets. It's called "ITALIAN STALLION."

Can you imagine STALLONE as Elvis? Well, I can't either but it was Colonel Tom Parker's choice for an Elvis bio-picture.

SUPERMAN'S, illegitimate kid is expected in December. And girlfriend GAE EXTON's divorce won't be final until November and hopefully, the 'Man Of Steel' will marry her before the birth of their baby. What happened to the morals clause in CHRISTOPHER REEVES contract? Or was it just publicity hype? Or, maybe Superman has been caught up in our current lifestyles.

Grandpa Walton, the late WILL GEER, grew pot in his garden near his outdoor theater. The pot was planted in the back rows. Will was also homosexual.

HUNTINGTON HARTFORD, who is now living in New York and brooding about being down to his last few million, is now a heavy drug user. He's deep into cocaine and can hardly carry on a conversation. He orders his coke, here in California through a man named or called Mickey. (He went broke and was living out of the country with his daughter). He used to own the Huntington Hartford theater in Hollywood, now called the Montalban Theater, and before that the Dolittle theater.

PAUL LYNDE's drinking problem, is because he is so afraid of growing old and broke. Seems like he is drinking himself into old age. (Paul died from using drugs).

BETTY HUTTON nixed two X-rated film offers before she left town again. She is supposed to return to Burbank and work as a waitress, pending yet, another comeback! Unfortunately, the one person who she lives with, changed his phone number. So, wherever she is (does anybody give a fuck?) I loved her in, "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH." (Betty died in 2007)

One of the arresting officers on the POLANSKI case, a SWAT man who also teaches a driving class for persons who keep getting tickets, told me the alleged victim had internal organs of a much older person and that she had engaged in sexual intercourse for at least, three or four years prior to the POLANSKI incident. And this all came from the "arresting officer."

NICK NOLTE's mom, Helen, said, "Nick can't get used to all of this celebrity thing. Actually though, it's only a job." On a recent trip, home to Arizona, Nick left L.A. with $3.50 in hard cash and his Mastercharge card. Nick spent .50c on a slot machine on a Las Vegas stop-over and the other was spent on two drinks on the plane. Helen had to pay Nick's cabfare when he reached her home.

LINDSAY CROSBY, 42 year old son of the late BING CROSBY, was cleared of indecent exposure charges in Durango, Colorado.

Saw BIANCA JAGGER, walking with a cane, leaving the "Alien" screening.

A certain gal in production of "Airport Concord '79," said ALAIN DELON's ego is to be believed! Well, if she looked as good as Alain Delon, she'd have a reason for a big ego too!

I'll never forget what JET FORE, a Fox publicist, called REGIS PHILBIN, a local newsman---" A dumb son of a bitch." Regis had stepped into the wet cement at the footprint ceremonies for "STAR WARS," at Grauman's theater. He should go back to New York, where he is liked, (and he did, as we all know). DAVID SHEEHAN, another newsman or reviewer, looked higher than the Chinese theater. Maybe this is why his movie reviews are so bad. He probably floats..through most of the press screenings. I have heard that he has slept through many of the screenings.

COURI HAY, who has a small column in the National Enquirer, had to stay at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, instead of the Swank Bevery Hills Hotel. He was told the hotel was filled, but it wasn't. I hear he has been somewhat barred. He is also alleged to have been kicked out of ALLAN CARR's parties because he hadn't been invited. Couri was also thrown out of the Actor's Studio in New York. I phoned him and in a disguised voice, gave me his press release of the matter. Another columnist, who does three line reviews on movies for The Globe, RUTH BATCHELOR, is also barred from Carr's parties. (Dakota: Couri Hay was fired from the Enquirer, and Ruth Batchelor passed away as well as Allan Carr).

PAUL NEWMAN was directing a play in Gambier, Ohio, at the Kenyon (sic) College, his Alma Mater, when his son Scott died from an overdose of booze and Valium.

MICHAEL PARKS and Karen have stopped fucking. They are getting a divorce. Michael starred in the TV series, "ALONG CAME BRONSON," but quit to become a singer! Then disappeared.

JOYCE HABER, said she will sue anyone who says she never wrote, "The Users." This includes her ex-agent, Swifty Lazar. She claims Swifty has taken double commissions on many deals with his clients. The person who I had heard who helped her on her book was Bob Bassing. She told me he had worked on a fifty page outline but that "none of his material" was ever used. (Joyce died a few years ago and so did Swifty). I met Swifty and we were at the first Spago's called, MA MAISON, (a former after hours gay club and then an exclusive restaurant where Orson Welles ate everyday) and he introduced me to Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin and bought me a Bloody Mary.

JOAN DARLING, female director of "FIRST LOVE," (the film that starred William Katt), denies she was busted in Georgia while making the film, for receiving dope that was allegedly sent to her in a film can originating from Paramount Studios.

GARY BUSEY has moved from Hollywood to the beach due to his allergy to the smog. His son is also allergic to the smog, (now called a marine layer?). Gary's mother told me this while she was baby sitting, and Gary was moving the family belongings. She also told me Gary was about to give up his acting career until, "THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY," came his way.

JACK NICHOLSON, seems to be awfully quiet since the Polanski incident. Whatever happened to ANGELICA HUSTON, who was busted at Nicholson's home for possession of cocaine? She was promised leniency if she would testify against Polanski...before he fled the country. Since the case never went to court, where will that leave her? Will it be forgotten or will she be prosecuted for the crime?

Was that RICHARD ANDERSON cruising through Hollywood's gay Spotlight Bar on Selma at Cahuenga a few months ago? Just asking. (Anderson was gay and now deceased).

One of the best kept secrets, is the fire bomb that was set off at Hollywood's Paramount theater (now the El Capitan). There was some damage to a couch and to some plumbing. They were showing, "THE CHINA SYNDROME."

DENNIS HOPPER was in town recently, for two days, looping the nearly forgotten, "APOCALYPSE NOW." He stayed at the Chateau Marmont while he was in town. PETER FONDA told me this at the Palomino Club where he and Brooke Shields went to see the group, ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL. Peter hired the country swing group for the soundtrack of his "WANDA NEVADA, " film that starred Brooke.

SINATRA's attorney called the radio stations and halted our commercials for our magazine. He's a powerful man. But, I do tape most of my phone conversations, how else can I prove certain items? I used part of the taped conversation between me and Tina Sinatra, as well as Charles Manson, in the ads). Just as the Nixon tapes were used as evidence, I can use my tapes too. Otherwise, it would be my word against theirs. I'll gladly challenge the legality of my rights of being a reporter and being able to gather facts by taped conversations. If people don't want me to know something, then don't tell me. It's that simple and that's the way I work.

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